National Geographic NAT GEO TV Series Auditions!


Calling all teens (and those who look like teens) between the ages of 16-25yrs. We are casting for a cool new reality/game show for National Geographic Kids. You must be a BIG outgoing personality, loveably crazy, super fun, funny, over-the top, fit, energetic, quick witted – we mean really quick witted, and did we say funny! Oh and on this show you have to be totally comfortable going up to strangers and asking them questions.

If you think you are right for our cast then SEND US A VIDEO!

VIDEO GUIDELINES: Do a quick video using your phone or camera – have a friend hold the phone or camera so we can see you. Make sure to speak clearly and not too fast and that you are ‘on camera’ and not somewhere off to the side.

To get the VIDEO SCRIPT: email

*Your total video should be no longer than 4 minutes.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 12 Noon. May 30th, 2014

Good luck!