AMP Talent Group: 6 Ways To JUMP-START Your Acting Career

AMP Talent Group: 6 Ways To JUMP-START Your Acting Career


  • 1 Get Into a Class!

Training is essential to learning the craft. Roll up your sleeves. Dig in and do the work! Actors are athletes of the heart and you must work out to stay in shape. Tune your instrument through improvisation classes, theatre classes and film scene classes.

  • 2 Private Coaching!

In person or via Skype. Audition coaching, career coaching, on-set coaching. Push yourself and get feedback. Leave no stone unturned!

Get expert feedback on your marketing tools. Your agent knows the market and can help you choose the best photos to help you get more auditions. Don’t underestimate the power of a great photo!

See and be seen. Get out there and build relationships. Workshops gets you access to casting directors, directors, producers, theatre directors etc. You want to open doors, start to build relationships and continue to network at workshops and events at each stage of your career.

  • 5 Tape A Scene With COACH

For an audition or for your reel. Your agent needs a demo reel of your work, and if you don’t have one you can tape a well crafted and prepared scene for your agent to submit until your demo is ready!

Study the greats, study other great actors, learn, observe. Find what moves and motivates you. Make the commitment. Keep your mind, body and spirit active everyday!

When it comes to staying tuned: If you rest, you rust.” – Helen Hayes

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