Audition advice: Tips for Actors Models from Talent Agent Anne Marie Perrault

Audition Advice for Actors Models & Talent! In this post, top 5 tips to help you ace your next audition! Here is key advice and tips for actors and models when meeting a talent agent from long time Talent Agent Anne Marie Perrault of AMP Talent Group. At AMP Talent Group we want you, our talent to view every audition as an opportunity to showcase your very best work. Each audition is an opportunity to be seen by casting directors, producers, directors and clients. Even if you think you are not perfect for the role, it is still an opportunity to be seen! Casting work on many projects at once and are looking at you for all their projects. When attending audition, always have your 8×10 professional headshot and resume in your hand and be ready to go when you are called for each audition. Even when you don’t think they need one, you should still be prepared with one. This is your marketing tool! It shows you are serious about your work and are the professional. Unless you are a name actor, always bring your resume and headshot to every meeting and audition. When the door opens, be ready! Break a leg! For more insightful tips follow AMP on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on YouTube!