KerryGage“Working with AMP Talent Group is an absolute pleasure. Everyone is professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. When I am casting actors, singers, and dancers, I can count on AMP Talent to provide a good selection of professional trained talent.”
Kerry Gage
Casting Director and Choreographer
The Sound of Music, Mirvish Productions

IngaBreederfamily_channel“Thanks for sending us such great talent, Anne Marie. Your talent did an excellent job on the production as the Host for the Family Channel movie promotional launch. Once again, your talent exceeded our expectations which made the day go very well. Thanks again for your help and look forward to contacting you again on our next production.”
Inga Breeder
The Family Channel, Canada

LynetteCarrington“Anne Marie Perrault is a rare gem in the talent and entertainment industry. As a long time publicist, I have been completely impressed with the work that she with AMP Talent Group has done in assisting and developing my client’s professional image, securing auditions and work that best suit his talents. AMP Talent Group has always been there to support each and every endeavor. Every time, Anne Marie Perrault has gone above and beyond in terms of making sure talent are considered for the widest range of potential jobs from Film, Television, Commercials and Voice work to providing networking opportunities at various entertainment industry functions. Anne Marie always has her finger firmly on the pulse of the talent industry and I love that she continues to push for the professional development and skills of the talent on her roster.”
Lynette Carrington
Carrington Entertainment, USA

CoryMeli“I highly recommend AMP Talent Group. The agency has a wide range of talent to support the casting needs of any production. Anne Marie Perrault’s expertise of talent adds value to our production needs, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Over the years each talent I have hired has demonstrated exceptional professionalism on set and exceeded my expectations, delivering me and my client’s exceptional value for our end result. I highly recommend AMP Talent Group to any producer, director and casting company looking for a top notch talent roster and a broad range of talent.”
Cory Meli
Serendipity Video Productions, Toronto

MatthewMorgan“Working with Anne Marie Perrault at AMP Talent Group Inc for over seven years has been great! Anne Marie is a competent well organized Talent Agent that lends value and expertise to the casting process. She is a consummate professional and someone I can rely on 100% when hiring professional models and talent for the print, film & video productions I am casting.”
Mathew Morgan
Casting Director
Morgan Casting Toronto

GloriaMann“Anne Marie is a true professional with a passion for her work and always a pleasure to do business with. A fantastic resource for talent, Anne Marie works very hard for her clients, and is savvy at knowing and providing the best talent, no matter what the request. AMP Talent provides excellent talent services for my casting needs.”
Gloria Mann, CDC
Casting Director for Film, TV and Commercials.

JasonGale“Anne Marie can be summed up in three words, professionalism, expertise and results. You want an agent that takes a personal interest in opening doors and guiding your career? That is Anne Marie Perrault. She knows the business and knows what her clients need to succeed. As a client I trust Anne Marie with my most valuable asset, my career, and it’s the best decision that I have ever made.”
Jason Gale
Actor & Screen Writer

JulesFitzimmons“I have cast talent and models from AMP Talent Group since 2009. Anne Marie is a proven resource for talent and suggests good and qualified talent to my casting calls. An excellent communicator and very knowledgeable, Anne Marie is a great Toronto Agent I love working with!”
Jules Fitzimmons
Jules Casting Toronto

MattCreativeBubeTube“Every experience I’ve had working with AMP Talent Group has been an enjoyable one. Having worked directly with Agent, Anne Marie Perrault I have cast many of Anne Marie’s actors. AMP has a strong roster of very talented individuals whom have done fantastic work with me and for my productions. And, just as importantly, Anne Marie herself has the experience and intuition to recommend just the right talent for any type of role. No matter what type of project or how in depth, I know Anne Marie and AMP Talent Group can be counted on to help me out.”
Creative Bube Tube

PhaedraKennedy“Thanks Anne Marie! Everything went perfectly and your talent did a stellar job. My clients are very happy with the result for their campaign. Thank so much for everything!”
Phaedra Kennedy
Westside Studio

JeffMilutinovic“Thank you for your help in providing qualified talent to our production. The three TV Hosts you sent us from AMP Talent Group where absolutely fantastic! The personalities of the hosts made the show, and far exceeded our expectations. As a result, the brand company is very pleased with the results. I look forward to working with you again soon.”
Jeff Milutinovic
Kingstar TV


“Without a doubt, Anne Marie is the best Talent Agent. I have been represented by Anne Marie Perrault at AMP Talent Group since 2005. Starting young in the business I had a lot to learn. Thankfully Anne Marie is always there to expertly guide and mentor me through the ups and downs of being a working actor in the business. Over the years, I have played may roles and my most memorable was bring cast in the lead role on the popular television series “Da Kink in My Hair” which aired on Global Television. More recently I booked a role on the crime series, “Rookie Blue” to name just a few. Being represented by AMP Talent Group there are countless audition opportunities for TV commercials, voice and prints work to film and television series roles. I just have to work hard at booking them. My agent, Anne Marie has the best connections and always matches projects that are the best fit to my talents. I could not ask for a better agency than AMP Talent Group for my career. With all the opportunities given me the possibilities for advancement are endless!”
Conroy Stewart

FawadBokhari“Anna Marie is a sublimely motivated Agent, her efforts for her talent truly and simply is bar none. This is the primary reason for AMP Talent being easily one of the best agencies in Toronto.”
Fawad Bokhari

Danny Boushebel

“I have been represented by AMP Talent Group for almost 3 years and have been presented with amazing top quality auditions and opportunities in feature films, and episodic television. I love many things about this Agency, and specifically working directly with Anne Marie. To mention a few things, would be their absolute professionalism, producing results (not just promises), and the fact that they truly care about their talent unlike other Agencies that only claim to do so. You would get a response from Anne Marie on any given day when you need her. She is full of great and the right advice. Through my pleasurable experience of working with AMP Talent, I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Lastly, I had a film ‘MUCH LOVED’ playing at TIFF2015, Anne Marie went out of her way and beyond to secure 2 tickets for the both of us to attend the last sold out screening. To top that off, Anne Marie made dinner reservations, and also insisted on treating me. It was a great opportunity to catch up and strategize while I was in Toronto. Now that is something to brag about when having a Team that cares this much!”

Danny Boushebel

Alanna Le Vierge1“AMP Talent has been the fabric of my growth and success as an actor over the past 4 years. I began my professional career with student films and indie commercials and quickly progressed to national TV spots and supporting and lead roles in feature films.

The commitment of AMP Talent Group has opened doors to an array of roles and opportunities that I believe would have been missed elsewhere. The personal connection they develop with each and every one of their talent provides a unique relationship of significance – you are not just another face on their roster!

Above all, AMP’s dedication to their talent and their esteemed reputation in the industry makes this agency one every performer wants on their side. I would highly recommend AMP Talent Group to anyone looking to make that next big step in their career”.

Alanna LeVierge ACTRA


“Working with Anne Marie has been incredible. I signed with AMP Talent Group in 2011, and ever since Anne Marie has been a tremendous driving force in my career. She has consistently provided an invaluable amount of professional advice and guidance; her expertise in the industry has made the challenge of being a working actor entirely possible. Furthermore, Anne Marie has helped me grow as an actor by introducing me to various top casting directors and acting coaches whose instruction has allowed me to find myself and grow creatively.”

Dan Bertolini

“It’s a pleasure working with AMP Talent. Anne Marie is great responding to our casting needs AMP Reviews Code Films Logowith submitting qualified talent. They are all professional, beautiful and talented. We can always count on Anne Marie & AMP Talent when we run our auditions and bookings. Keep up the good work!”

Code Film Inc, Toronto



“Anne Marie! You are a casting godsend! A million thank you’s for talent you sent out today, they were all great. You and your talent rock! The sincerest of thanks.”
The Field Production Company

CleoTellier“Anne Marie is an incredible agent. I had so many auditions since I joined AMP Talent Group. I can recommend Anne Marie as a person with amazing background and deep expertise in talent management. Her professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment to her work and her clients have been irreproachable and highly contributed to my success. It is a real pleasure to work with Anne Marie as she is so positive and handles every aspects of my career.”

Cleo Tellier ACTRA, UDA

AMP Talent Actor Host Adam Reid Headshot “As an established Actor/TV Host, I was looking for representation in Toronto by someone that worked hard, had the right vision and is well known. From the second I walked into her office to the moment I booked my first project with her, her professionalism and work ethic has been nothing short of incredible.

Working with someone who understands your skill, understands your ambitions and can honestly and truthfully assess if it is a good fit and then execute was one of the main reasons why I chose Anne Marie as my agent.

Since signing with her, we’ve accomplished quite a bit and the future is looking very promising.

Excellent communicator, excellent approach to challenges, very resourceful and an impecable name is what you sign on to when you sign with Anne Marie and AMP Talent”.
Adam Reid ACTRA, UDA


“Finally I found an agent who can do the job RIGHT! AMP TALENT is a household name with casting agents and directors. Anne Marie truly cares about her talent and how they are treated. AMP truly works for you. I’m out at least several times a week on auditions. Thanks to AMP TALENT, I landed my first National Commercial and International TV work! If you are considering a career in the commercial and film industry I would strongly consider AMP TALENT to represent you”.

Karen Johnson

“AMP Talent is hands down the best talent agency in Toronto to build a career in the film & television industry. Since graduating and signing with AMP in 2008, I have worked in TV commercials, print ads, corporate videos and leading roles in television series and motion picture feature films. I have thoroughly enjoyed being represented by my Agent, Anne Marie Perrault. Anne Marie is a strong communicator, agent and manager, and has a firm grasp on the market and industry. She understands important issues that arise and how we can tackle each challenge effectively. Thank you to my super amazing agent and staff at AMP!

Dwayne Edwards
(Air Aces), ACTRA

“Anne Marie and the agency AMP Talent Group are one of the leaders in their field. Having experienced their results first hand as a client over the years, I am absolutely impressed with the agency. I highly recommend AMP Talent to anyone seeking the best agent and representation in Canada.”


Anthony Ingruber

“We have cast on several occasions talent from AMP Talent Group. Anne Marie is an outstanding agent with a firm grasp of the film and television industry. A proactive agent, Anne Marie recommends great talent for our television productions and we have always been pleased with the results.”

Corus Entertainment

“It is important for an actor In today’s global film and TV world to have key representation in Jasson Finney Actor Headshotdifferent markets, none more important than in Toronto. AMP opened their doors to me and I am happy to say that Anne Marie has been my agent for almost 2 years now. I appreciate the attention and dedication that AMP has shown and continues to show me. Anne Marie is a wonderful agent who cares about her client’s careers and more importantly, she is a wonderful person. If you are serious about your acting and desire an agent who is just as serious, you need to contact AMP. I look forward to many more years with AMP. Thanks Anne Marie!”

Jasson Finney, ACTRA, SAG-AFTRA

“Anne Marie is extremely passionate and dedicated talent agent. AMP Talent Group has contacts with the best companies, producers and casting directors in Canada. I have been represented by the agency since August 2010, and have found the talent services and attention to clients to be excellent. I highly recommend the agency to anyone interested in advancing their performing arts career. Anne Marie and her staff are true professionals. The exposure I have received over the years has been fantastic! I have had hundreds of opportunities and worked on stage, feature films, episodic television, commercials and print for the Canadian and US Market. Anne Marie is very approachable and provides solid advice and audition opportunities far beyond my expectations! Thank you!”
Cristina Paoletta
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

“It is always a pleasure working with Anne Marie Perrault and the team at AMP Talent. Over the years, I have been completely impressed with the professionalism and heartfelt approach Anne Marie shows her talent. Anne Marie is an excellent talent agent and has a keen eye for talent. We met in New York City at the model and talent convention IMTA in 2007. We have worked together many times since. I have come to Toronto to coach and train models and talent with the AMP agency. If you are seeking agency representation in Canada, I highly recommend Anne Marie, and Toronto talent agency AMP Talent Group!”
Bob Luke
Talent Manager, New York, USA

“Anne Marie’s professionalism and expertise is invaluable. She provides the perfect JennyRamaniopportunities that fit my look and talents. She explains the audition process and is always available to provide sound advice for my growing career. The team at AMP Talent Group always make my daughter and I feel comfortable and at ease. We are so thankful that we met you and look forward to a long working relationship together.”
Jenny Ramani
Actor/Model/Fitness Host

“Having Anne Marie as an agent for the past year has been the most positive experience I’ve had as an actress!AMP_Tamara_Rambaran_02 She’s more like a business partner to me! I trust her with my goals and visions, and I know she’s working hard to get me in the room from the number of auditions I go out for. I also feel like I’m being heard which can be rare in this industry, and Anne Marie is sincere and genuine, even a rarer trait. And most importantly, I trust her opinions, she knows the industry very well, and is a guiding light to help me be a shining light! If you are looking to go to the next level in your career, consider Anne Marie, she will get you in the door, but it’s going to be up to you to stay in the room. I look forward to continued success in having her as an agent!”

Tamara Rambara, Actor