Tell me about AMP Talent Group?

AMP Talent Group Inc is a full service principal talent agency located in Toronto, Canada. We provide talent representation and management services to emerging and established talent in the entertainment industry for film, television, theatre and music.

What type of representation does AMP Talent Group provide?

AMP Talent Group is a principal talent agency providing artist representation for motion picture feature film, episodic television, television commercials, legit theater, voice, broadcasting, web TV, corporate videos, music, commercial advertising and print modeling.

Does the agency represent directors and writers?

We are principally an actors agency, though some clients also have directing and writing skills.

What does a talent agent do?

A talent agent or booking agent is a person who finds jobs for actors, directors, musicians, models, producers, broadcast journalists, professional athletes and various other people in the entertainment and broadcast businesses. An agent is connected with all of the industry jobs.  A talent agent is able to provide an actor with auditions they would not otherwise know about. Without the appropriate industry auditions, a actor or models career will go nowhere. The agent supports, markets, sells and promotes the interests and talents of his/her clients.  A talent agent works for a talent agency where they use their contacts to arrange auditions for the talent represented by the agency. Actors and models should never pay a talent agent up front for auditions. A talent agent receives a commission from the work they find for their clients.

What are the benefits of being represented by AMP Talent?

At AMP Talent Group, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and among our core values are honesty, integrity and commitment to our clients. We work very hard to ensure the professionalism of AMP Talent Group Inc and we expect the same from our staff and talent.

How do I apply to join the roster?

If you wish to be considered for acting, voice and commercial representation email info@amptalent.com

We only accept electronic submissions (including showreels and links) and cannot be held responsible for any original material you send.

Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot personally respond to every applicant. All submissions are given thorough consideration and we will contact you if we wish to arrange a meeting or attend a show. Therefore please do not make any follow-up calls.

What is the commission for Agents?

15% on Film, TV & Web, 20% Commercial Print, 10% on Theatre

How do I check the general availability of your actors?

Please call us directly at (416) 306-5789. You will be directed to the appropriate agent(s) for the client(s) you are seeking.

If you have any further inquiries or questions, contact us here or email us at info@amptalent.com

To apply to the agency click here.