Jamie Rea – Admin / Blogger

JamieRea-ProfileJamie is an entertainment, lifestyle, comedy and advice writer and guest blogger, as well as a actor and entrepreneur. Originally from Vancouver, BC,  Jamie moved to Toronto continue his career in the entertainment industry. A marketing graduate, Jamie is currently in the midst of a Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto.

In addition to contributing to the blog at AMP Talent Group, Jamie is writing, acting, and directing a series of videos, which will feature sketch-comedy and an interview series with influential experts. Jamie is the co-creator of TheBrolog, and contributes regularly to the Toronto-based online men’s lifestyle magazine AmongMen.com and the women’s lifestyle website 29 secrets.com. Jamie’s strength as a writer is his ability to create insightful, humorous, and informative content that will both entertain and educate readers on the topics he covers. Jamie’s passion for writing stems from his affinity for words and his endless pursuit of trying to find the right ones.