Commercial Agent

Full Time

We are seeking passionate, driven, hardworking individuals who are interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with a great roster and team!

Our full service agency is seeking candidate:


  1. Candidate must have prior industry related training or client relations, sales experience
  2. Existing relationships with commercial casting offices is a plus
  3. Have excellent communication, customer service/sales and people skills
  4. Experience with Microsoft Office suite, data input, and information management.
  5. Must be a team player and able to handle a very fast paced, busy work environment.

Specific Skills Required:

The ideal candidates should be motivated, quick-thinking and have a sense of humor. The individual should be flexible, highly organized and have the ability to multi-task. Interest in commercial advertising is a strong preference.

Language requirement:  


Essential requirements:

Candidates must demonstrate clearly how they meet the Education and Experience requirements listed below:


Successful completion of secondary school or equivalent.

Selection procedure:

The staffing process will consist of a review of all applications to ensure that applicants meet the essential requirements. Please note that failure to meet any of the essential requirements eliminates candidates from further consideration. Only those applicants who meet these will be contacted by the Human Resources Section for an interview or other form of assessment of the Requirements.

The assessment can include an interview, a written test and other tests that will consist of a series of questions designed to evaluate each applicant’s knowledge, abilities and personal suitability for the position.

Training program is provided.

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